Helping Families is Our Mission!

Throughout the Atlanta area, there are many families struggling to make ends meet.  Whether it be from job loss, illness or underemployment, the financial hardship that comes along with these challenges are devastating.

Our plan is to help relieve some of the burden so that families can wake up with some peace of mind.

What do we intend to accomplish this year?

Help with Food Insecurities in our community.


  Art of Life Foundation, Inc. will help by purchasing grocery store gifts cards (up to $200 value each) for distribution to families in need.

Help us with gifting families with a means to putting food on the table.

Organic Vegetables
Fresh Groceries

Help prevent Evictions and Utilities Disconnections.

There are families needing help with rent. Our services will help with paying the back rent to prevent an eviction.  We'll also help pay the past due utility bill to prevent a disconnection.

Help us with our mission.

Please DONATE.